Friday, August 22, 2008

Sale on Purses & bags!

About two weeks ago, I ordered a new purse, and have been eagerly awaiting its arrival… and it is here!

I was continuously second guessing myself after I placed the order: had I chosen the two images that would work the best together? Would I like the upgrade to leather trim? And how would the hot pink lining look with everything?

It arrived last Thursday afternoon, and after pulling the bubble wrapped package out of the box, I could see that all my worries were for nothing - even in the wrapping it looked amazing!

I love the bucket bag shape, and though its bigger than my last purse (a bit taller) it still fits me well. I love the images I selected and used my special vintage art filters on. They fit together well, and the lining works great with the colors of the bag. And the leather is just perfect - elegant and comfortable!

I was watching Giana the day it arrived during her nap, so when she woke up, I showed her the purse, and asked who the pretty girl on it was. She just grinned, and tossed it over her shoulder. She’s such a girly-girl when it comes to purses!

So what’s the point of this story? Well, I’m so excited about my bag, I’m putting all my custom-designed photo bags on sale! They’re $20-25 off regular price, so now is the time to order yours, and ones for the grandmas for Christmas.

Visit the store’s Photo Purses & Bags
section to order yours today!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Barrie & Mike

This past Saturday, fellow Cosplay friends Mike & Barrie were married in Laguna Niguel Regional Park. Among the cosplay guests, the running joke was that this was the "ultimate cosplay."

(If you don't know what Cosplay is, the combination of the words "costume" and "play" refers to the creation and wear of costumes for occasions outside of Halloween. Many cosplayers attend conventions such as Anime Expo & Commic-Con to meet fellow fans of animated movies, graphic novels, and video games.)

To the left, Mike & Barrie, as I first met them together. (Mike is the one in the gas mask & helmet)... Its no wonder that I didn't recognize Mike at first in his tux!

Before the wedding, I was scheduled to photograph the groomsmen, and I want to thank them all for putting up with my eccentricities. Aside from the traditional, formal standing photos, I made them not only jump off the benches, but catch a 'fainting groom,' participate in a Broadway style kick line, and 'stack up' like commandos along a wall. I think it was completely worth it; they may disagree. The easy part was that most of them were used to me making them do stuff like this from convention photoshoots, so they just looked at me like I was crazy and did it.

The ceremony itself was absolutely beautiful. The decorations made a picnic area at the park gorgeous with white lattice and a flower covered archway framing a picturesque 'wedding tree'.

In addition, Barrie and Mike choose ceremony elements that reflected who they uniquely are: a sand ceremony instead of a candle ceremony & and a sword ceremony.

I'd never seen the sword ceremony,but I loved it! This was not a military sword arch, but a medieval-inspired ceremony: the knight's sword laid between the bride and knight/groom represents the purity of the couple as well as the knight's honor. When the groom takes the bride's hand and helps her step over the sword, it symbolizes their joining together, as well as his vow to defend and protect her.

After the ceremony, we took care of the rest of the formal pictures, then proceeded immediately to the bouquet & garter tosses, followed by cake & a bit of dancing, right there on the grass.

Barrie & Mike, congratulations! Have fun on your honeymoon cruise! And enjoy this little sample of pictures from your wedding day.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Canvas Sale!

As promised, its time for a Canvas Sale!

Now through August 25, 2008 you can get 15% off all canvas print purchases!

I'm really excited about offering canvas - I love the texture, and the way the image wraps around the stretcher frame so its ready to hang and looks amazing!

Last week my husband hung our 30x40 wedding canvas over our fireplace. It looks amazing!

Visit the Canvas section of the store to place your order:

Friday, August 1, 2008

Back from Texas

I spent last weekend at the Children and Family Photographers of America conference in Austin, Texas heading up the booth for BStudio, the photographer resources website for Anamaria Brandt that I help manage.

While there, I saw a sample of what another photographer had done with an amazing video tool called Animoto. First thing I did when I had a free moment was to look them up, and when I got home I stared playing around with their test videos (30 second shorts) to get a feel for what they can do with my images.

Here's two little samples I put together: