Friday, June 27, 2008

Morgan Moves

Today Morgan's mommy let me borrow her for some background testing (just purchased two new backdrops recently, wanted to see their versatility). It worked out well since Morgan turns one in July, so these would also be her official one year pictures... and her first professional pictures ever!

Like many walkers, Morgan was often more interested in walking off the set than sitting still, or standing still... actually, she was more into the running than the walking. For one year, she's fast! We found that playing "chase Mommy" was a good way for action shots, giving me time for two snaps max between starting her at the backdrop and her running the 8 feet to the lights.

Yet despite the times she wanted to be in the Cheerios off the set, Morgan also gave us the opportunity for great moments of beautiful images! Enjoy your preview, and thanks for modeling for me Morgan!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Introducing... Canvas

For some time now I've been looking into canvas wall prints... I love canvas - there's something in the texture and the way the image stretches around the wood frame.. they're gorgeous wall art, lightweight, and don't need to be framed.

So I've been researching companies, and ordered a sample from one, which arrived in the mail today!

Its a 24x20 - though I can get sizes from 8x10 to 30x40 - my assistant Elizabeth is inspecting the quality of the piece in this photo to the right. It is also useful to show the scale of the piece - definitely larger than life.

I am going to be ordering a few more samples - something smaller in color, and its time to decide which image from my wedding is going above the fireplace in full color as a 30x40 canvas...

And I'm going to be holding an introductory sale on my canvases... just as soon as I pin down pricing... so watch the site for updates on that.

Edit: My darling DC wanted to show off his impression of the picture on the canvas as well this evening:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Giana... in the park

I met Giana and her mommy at the park today for the 'second half' of her 15 month shoot. With Giana being such an active toddler, I hoped that the interesting nature elements at the park - the rocks, the grass, and the water - would be a fun place for her to explore. And it was... but I'd also underestimated her hatred of the grass and ground with bare feet and how much she loves other people, especially other children.

So we started off in casual clothes, and got some pictures with Mommy once we found a mostly-kid free patch of grass and shade...
After that, we switched outfits, and managed to get a few barefoot pictures before Giana insisted we put her sandals on so she could go exploring... so we headed down to the water again...

Towards the end of our explorations I switched to Black and White... and suddenly it felt like I was photographing for a fashion magazine... I think this is where I found some of my favorite, and least traditional styled, images.
So Jenafer and Giana, thanks for spending the afternoon at the park with me. I had a lot of fun... and I hope you enjoyed your preview!