Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kira & Raymond

Today I met Kira and Raymond for pictures at my home studio. It was Raymond's first time getting professional pictures taken, just in time for his one year on Tuesday!

I loved how natural the children's interaction was - it was obvious that Kira loved having a baby brother, and that Raymond adored her.

Raymond was an incredibly fun little boy - an active walker and crawler with boundless energy, and a great smile that showed just how much fun he was having being the star of the photo session.

Kira was a pro - she took direction very well, and had a wonderful smile. And she's a great big sister - holding onto Raymond and helping him stay in position, as well as helping get stuff when Mommy needed it.

So Kira and Raymond, thanks for the fun photo session today - and I hope you and your family enjoyed your sneak peak!

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