Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hudson & Carter

Today I went to Hudson’s home to photograph his new baby brother. Carter is just three weeks old, and Hudson couldn’t be prouder to be a big brother.

When I got there, Hudson was thrilled to see me. He had his own toy camera (I’ve got to get one of those) and was showing me how he takes pictures. He wanted to know what all the different equipment pieces I’d brought were for… and when I showed him my umbrellas for the lights, he went into the hall closet to show me that he, too, had umbrellas.

Carter spent most of the session awake, though towards the end we managed to get him to fall asleep for about fifteen minutes - a very prodctive15 minutes though, as some of my favorite images are of him wrapped in his special blanket, just sleeping peacefully.

So Hudson, Carter, and family, enjoy your preview, and I enjoyed visiting you for pictures!

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