Saturday, May 24, 2008

1, 2, 3, Look at Me!

I've been photographing a lot of "sets of three" lately, which has been a lot of fun getting them all to interact with one another and just be siblings. My latest was the Tomé kids, who's sneak peak is right here:

1 - Camielle. Grown up at age six, but not too grown up to care about lost teeth or aways saying cheese. Never grow out of that!

2 - Ava. She's grown up so much this school year. At the beginning of the year she was shy, always hovering around her teacher at recess instead of playing... you'd never know the way she runs out to recess now!

3- Christian - All action, all boy. At one year he's running before he fully has his balance, just to see how far he can get. And when you go to take his picture, cheer and clap and he'll cheer right along with you!

Just a note: I'm currently offering free children's sessions to Creek parents who have purchased Spring Pictures so that they have the opportunity to get all their children, even those who are too old or too young to attend the preschool, photographed. This offer does expire on June 12, 2008 so any Creek parents who are interested in this need to schedule their on-site session asap.

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