Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Newlyweds Return

My brother Kenny was married May 3rd, and has been on his honeymoon ever since... but he and his new wife Selah return tonight; their plane touches down in 15 minutes so I figure its safe now to post about them without the secret presents left on their dining room table being discovered here.

I have been planning this surprise since... well, its been months, and I assembled everything except the photos ahead of time. The photos though were the tough part for me - I wasn't shooting this wedding, I was in it, so I had no idea if the particular images that I needed for the gifts were going to be photographed or not. Luckily for me, I had my husband there during the formal pictures, and he was shooting with my camera. So between his work, a few I snapped off in between events, and an image sent to me by the official photographer, Preston Aldous, I had everything I needed.

This image is the "gift wrap" - Satin boxes filled with matching sage rose petals and an organza bag (also sage, her wedding color) that holds the presents.

Here's what is in each of the boxes:

Selah will receive a custom designed necklace; while similar in style to the "Single Drop Heart Necklace" in my store, this one differs in the dangling charm - a pale sage lattice heart.
(Image by Christoper Carlson)

Kenny's gift is a keychain - it holds two small pictures inside the black leather folio the snaps closed. I added a small "made with love" charm to the chain.
(Left image by Preston Aldous, Right image by Christoper Carlson)

I wanted to make sure that each of them had a small portable token of each other from the wedding so that when they were forced to part and go back to work and normal life, they would be able to carry a memento of their special day.

So to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Short, congratulations and welcome home!

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