Saturday, May 31, 2008

Giana - 15 Months

My godbaby Giana is now 15 months old... so it was time for a photo session!

She's been growing up so fast... today was the first day that she couldn't walk under our dining room table without the top of her head brushing up against the glass.

She's interested in everything - from the remotes and game controllers to the cupboards and the cats. The cats still aren't sure what to make of her. Two hide when she comes over, one plays with her when she has the fishing pole, and the last accepts her petting as long as it stays gentle.

She's also become quite the toddler - she wants to explore, to move, and to be independent. Sit still? No way! Stay in place for a few photos? Yeah, right! So we took lots of breaks for snacks and to wander about the house, talk to the kitties, and get into things. In between the breaks, we had some wonderful photo moments.

So here's a quick preview... "hippie Giana," "Classic Giana," "Vintage Giana." Enjoy!

And, of course, with Daddy too!

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